Logo Package


1 primary logo design

*Logo design or Logo “Facelift”


Branding Package


1 Primary Logo Design + Secondary designs
Style Guide + Color Palette


Full Brand Package  


Brand Vision Board
1 Primary Logo Design + Secondary designs
Accent Elements / Submark
Style Guide + Color Palette
Social Media Images (Profile + Cover)
Business Cards / Letterhead / Stationary

*Some exceptions may apply (depending on complexity of request), which would be discussed prior to beginning the project.


Good design builds character for your brand while building trust with your audience.


Why am I passionate about branding? It’s SO important to do it right! A solid brand identity communicates your company's ideals and qualities without saying a word. It speaks volumes when it comes to credibility. It says, "I take pride in my business." And it gives your company a personality that will resonate with your audience and market. 

If you're thinking about starting a business or kicking your current brand up a few notches, it's important to develop a deep understanding of your company’s persona in order to truly connect with the right clients and customers. My brand personality quiz helps get the ball rolling on branding projects and—more importantly—helps you see your business in a new light.