LESS flowers more tongue

OBJECTIVE: To provide Less Flowers More Tongue with a distinctive, trendy and “stimulating” brand identity. The brand should be bold yet feminine, conveying a spirit of authenticity, and inspire living a happy life true to yourself. The look of the brand should pique the interest of anyone who comes in contact with LFMT and cultivate a following or “tribe.”

Key traits & keywords: brave, bold, strong, feminine, sexy, unapologetic, unfiltered, healthy, happy, supportive, vibrant, stimulating, inspired, creative, trendy, authentic, healthy relationship oriented.



You can get your swag on with LFMT’s stylish apparel while getting hit with the hard truth. Truths all women should hear (and can probably relate to). Great stuff here, check it out! www.lessflowersmoretongue.com

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